Smell her nylon stockings

  • 25 October 2009

smell her nylon stockingsOh yes, these nylon feet are made for sniffing! I can´t imagine how happy I would be, if I could smell her nylon stockings now! I´m so horny, want to press my nose hart to her soles and take a real deep breath! Feeling the nylons on my nose and enjoying the scent of her nylon feet…

What can be better than smell her nylon stockings!? Watch the picture on this gallery, the girl is sniffing her nylons, it looks so sexy! If I imagine taht I smell her nylon stockings foot like that, my cock is getting hard and wet. I have old stockings of my mistress here. While I watch the nylon fetisch movie, I use it to wipe my precum. I smell the wet nylons and lick off my precum, imagine it´s the nylon of this stunning nylon foot fetish girl.

Do you like nylon foot fetish movies?

Tha makes me even more horny and I continue to jerk off. But now I use the foot of her nylon stocking as a condom, feels great to rub my cock like that. I love it! If I cum into her stockings I always lick my sperm off of the nylons. Taste quite good. I like it much more if the nylon stockings are just taken off of sweaty, stinky female feet. Than it taste much better to lick off the cum :) The taste of female feet is simply the best!!! Do you like bare feet girls?

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