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pantyhose high heels fetishWoow, what a naughty pantyhose and high heels fetish slut! I love that kind of pantyhose and shoe sex! I wish I would be there to play with her high heels and pantyhose. Looks so sexy if she rubbs the shoes on her cunt. I would love to touch her pantyhose. I love the feeling of nylon stockings and pantyhose. I imagine that I touch her pantyhose clad legs and kissing her feet. I smell between her toes, try to suck her toes and lick her nylon sole. While I do that with her feet and legs she is fucking her pussy with her high heels! Gosh!!! I would cum all over her sexy, stinky feet!! Here are some more pics of this nylon pantyhose and high heels fetish bitch!

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